Are US volumes enough to impact price?

Taking a quick view at the data shows that there is indeed a fairly strong negative correlation between US acreage and prices received.



Futures continue march upwards

Cotton futures continued their march upwards on Wednesday afternoon, having undergone some selling earlier in the day. This continues the trend we have seen over the last several months, with the market now approaching highs seen in August.



Cotton No.2 futures price (ICE,

In fact, despite an almost equal number of losing and winning days, No.2 futures contracts are up over 3% m/m.


Reminder – USDA Cotton Ginnings

As a quick reminder, the USDA will be releasing its next Cotton Ginnings report this Thursday, January 12th here. There will be a second January release on the 23rd as well. The Cotton Ginnings report compiles the number of running bales ginned to date for all cotton and American-Pima cotton by state; and by county ginnings as well for the mid-month state ginnings